A VPN is essentially fundamental when it comes to your security and privacy on the internet. It guarantees data safety and secures it from anyone out to get it. It also protects you against advertisers as well as government agencies and prevents them from tracking your navigation on the internet. When using a VPN, all the traffic is routed through a sophisticated encrypted channel between your device and a remote server operated by the VPN Company. No one on the same network and even the internet service provider can be able to see your encrypted channel.

In as much as a VPN service protects your privacy and security on the web, streaming services have declared a war on VPN. This services that include Netflix, a globally known online channel with catchy content, do their best to prevent users from connecting to their streaming services with VPNs. This is because such services seek to maintain control and regulate the content users can see from various geographical areas.

Why Netflix blocks VPNs

Your geographical location is primarily determined by your IP address. When you connect to the internet, the computer uses your IP address to pinpoint your exact geographical location. Activating a VPN service changes your IP address thus changing where you appear to be on the computer.

Changing your location via VPN is very helpful when you want to have access to video content that is region limited. This limited content can only be accessed from permitted regions. For instance, BBC lets you stream their video content for free provided that you are in the United Kingdom. You cannot be able to stream their content from outside the UK unless you use a VPN service to spoof your location and make it appear that you are streaming from the UK.

The same analogy works with Netflix. Netflix has different content available to its viewers depending on their location. The company can license a TV show for a specific region and this might seem unfair especially if you have a Netflix subscription. It is because of the licensing that Netflix began blocking VPN users.

It is heartbreaking being blocked from content but it is more devastating being blocked from content you have been billed for. If you are Canada watching content that has been only licensed for Canada, you can’t watch the same show if you were to travel to the US. And this is where a strong VPN comes in.

VPNs that work with Netflix.

The need to access streaming services should not force you to give up your security and privacy. There are various VPN services that can cut around Netflix’s licensing and security protocols.

However, Netflix is entangled in an on and off relationships with VPN services. This means that a VPN may find its way around the licensing and security protocol today and Netflix will cut it off tomorrow. There are however a number of VPNs that have been known to circumvent the licensing and security protocols on Netflix. They include;


It is considered the best all-round VPN for Netflix and all streaming services. It supports a wider range of devices. The VPN service is super fast and can connect to over 1500 servers across the globe. The service has its servers located in 148 different locations and over 30,000 IP addresses. Currently, it supports Netflix streaming in the US, Canada and the UK.


It is regarded as the most secure VPN for Netflix. It is widely known for its security focus making it the most secure VPN to use with Netflix. It has over 3500 servers located in 61 locations around the globe. It supports up to 6 devices. The VPN currently supports Netflix in the US, UK, France, India, Canada and Netherlands.


The VPN service merges speed and security. It utilizes over 700 servers located in over 70 locations on the globe and 200,000 IP addresses to give you a first and secure Netflix experience. The download rate is excellent making it more suitable for streaming.