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Vypr VPN Review

VyprVPN is a relatively new player on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) market, but is not inferior to many of its competitors that have been participating for some time. VyprVPN is based in Meggen (Switzerland) and is part of Goldenfrog. During this review we paid particular attention to the server offer, the speed and reliability of the connection, the price-quality ratio and customer-friendliness.

VyprVPN features

When executing the VyprVPN assessment, we are the first to discuss the most important function, characteristics and properties of VyprVPN.

Servers in most continents

  • Multiple IP addresses per server, many locations (More than 200,000 IP addresses)
  • Possibility to switch between different IP addresses
  • Multiple protocols (OpenVPN ™, L2TP, PPTP and Chameleon )
  • VyprVPN is easy to install on your devices. It may depend on the subscription you have, but the VyprVPN software is compatible with all popular operating systems.

VyprVPN: The basic package of VyprVPN allows users to be online with 3 devices simultaneously via the same VPN subscription. This VyprVPN package is suitable for casual VPN users and costs € 3.50 per month.

VyprVPN Premium: This subscription is suitable for heavier VPN users and families; it is possible to use this subscription with up to 5 different connections at the same time. This subscription has some additional functionality, namely VyprVPN Cloud and the Chameleon Protocol. VyprVPN Cloud gives users complete control over their network, such as their own dedicated server and IP address. The VyprVPN Premium package costs € 5.00 per month (with a one-year contract).

Server locations of VyprVPN VyprVPN have servers in a large number of countries. With each subscription you can choose between all these servers to allow your internet traffic to pass through.

Compatibility with operating systems

A very strong point of VyprVPN is the fact that their VPN software is well constructed and very easy to use. The software also includes a test function that allows the ping to be tested against the various servers in order to find the fastest servers. A real download and upload speed test is missing. The software works with the following operating systems:

VyperVPN and Netflix, Hulu and other services

VyperVPN has developed its own VPN encryption format, called Chameleon. This is based on OpenVPN, but the metadata is also encrypted. As a result, the increasing Deep Packet inspection of VPN traffic is bypassing governments and online video services such as Netflix. Effectively, this means that your VPN connection is not recognized as such and you have less chance of blocking your VPN server.

VyprVPN and Privacy

VyperVPN indicates to take the privacy of its customers seriously. That is why they manage their own VPN server network and have their own DNS servers that you as a customer can use as standard. This prevents so-called DNS leaks and your anonymity is further guaranteed than with many other VPN providers. VyperVPN promises that they do not keep logs on their DNS servers and do not create blockades. The chance of DNS man-in-the-middle attacks also decreases.

Customer service

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This goes by chat, e-mail or per ticket (if you already have an account). The chat is answered quickly, friendly and accurately.


GoldenFrog (the company that owns VyprVPN) maintains its own server infrastructure, and uses high speed server clusters. The advantage of this is that higher speeds are achieved and fewer broken connections are detected.


In conclusion, VyprVPN is a good VPN provider with fast servers worldwide and a large choice of IP addresses and countries to connect to. In addition, VyperVPN has a unique asset with its Chameleon VPN encryption, which means your VPN connection is not recognized and you can, for example, view the American Netflix from the Netherlands (or any other country).