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IP Vanish Review

IPVanish is a US based company that provides VPN services that are based on the framework of speed, privacy and security. It checks all the elementary features that any VPN product encompasses. IPVanish is one of the most notable VPN Company on the shelves today as it completely lives up to its name. You totally vanish online as the VPN protects your browsing and enables you to use the internet anonymously.

The company is based in Orlando Florida and it is important to note that the company uses its own infrastructure which means there are no middle and third party contractors in provision of its services. It has one of the largest network that covers over 700 servers across 60 countries.


A lot of VPN service providers on the market offer their customers with free trial period before starting to actually bill them but IPVanish aims for quality. The product does not have a free trial edition and all its packages from the basic to the most advanced are paid.

The packages in this line up are not different in terms of framework, purpose and function. The only thing that varies across the packages is the duration of subscription. They include;

$10 per month – this plan is charged monthly.

$8.99/month three months plan. If you use this plan, you get to save up to 25% of the total annual cost of the monthly subscription.

$6.49/month annual plan. This is probably the best deal you can get with IPVanish VPN service. You get to save up to 46% of your money on this subscription. If you are a person who long term investments appeals to then this is the plan to go with.

The company also provides you with a seven-day money back policy on all the plans and accepts payments through almost all major platforms including Bitcoin to further strengthen you security and privacy and maintain you anonymity as well.

Features and performance

Zero log – The company has put in place a strict policy on keeping logs. The policy guarantees that the company won’t keep you online logs. This ensures you security and privacy over a network.

The availability of protocols on VPN product is one of the crucial things people mostly look at. IPVanish offers quite a range of protocols that include PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN and IKEv. The VPN product also provides you with a 256 bit encryption.

One of the major features that is incorporated with this product is the huge number of servers enabled. IPVanish has over 700 servers in 60 countries with over 40000 IP addresses.

This products works on multiple platforms. This include, windows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers and windows phones. It also can support up to 5 gadgets at the same time. This is essential for customers who have multiple devices at home or the office that need to connect to the internet or any network.

A lot of VPN service providers on the market have restricted torrenting on their products. However, IPVanish VPN has no problems with free torrenting and you are allowed to do it.

Customer support and interface

Customer support is a very crucial component of a VPN product and IPVanish checks every box in this category. The company has a 24/7 technical support through a range of communication platforms.

The company provides technical support through their website via an online ticketing system and customers are served on the basis of first come first. You might have to wait in a virtual of line for to be served which takes time.

They also have an email platform on which you can reach them for technical and billing issues. They also have a strong presence on social media platforms.

It takes only a couple of minutes to set up IPVanish VPN on you device. The product also comes with a number of tutorials that guides you through the whole process. The display is electric dark and provides with response, configuration and navigation guides. With the kind of display, it safe to say that the interface on this product is friendly and easy to use.


IPVanish is among the best VPN services on the shelves. It is ideal, if you are looking for privacy and security on the internet.