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Hide My Ass VPN Review

In this VPN review, we test HideMyAss for anonymity, privacy, the range of VPN servers, user-friendliness and the offer of VPN subscriptions.

To form a complete picture it is advisable to read this review completely. Do you want to read a specific part in the VPN review immediately? Yes, HideMyAss allows legal use of Bittorrent on the VPN servers. In the case of an illegal download, the user can request HideMyAss to remove the downloaded file from his computer. HideMyAss does not check whether the file has actually been deleted. In addition, HideMyAss has an abundance of VPN servers in countries where legislation on copyrighted material virtually does not exist. To say the least, the HideMyAss VPN network is impressive. An unprecedented number of VPN servers worldwide.

Control panel

Without too many bells and whistles, HideMyAss’ well-organized control panel has everything the average VPN user needs.

This allows you to view all active VPN servers and HideMyAss locations, download VPN software and configuration files and extend your VPN subscription.

VPN Software

The own VPN application from HideMyAss is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are a number of differences in the VPN client per operating system. For example, the Windows version of the VPN application has the ability to stop certain programs immediately if the VPN connection is terminated. Apart from the lack of functionality in Mac version, the interfaces and functions are identical in both versions. For Linux users, HideMyAss is busy developing a VPN application with graphical interface, but for now Linux users have to do it with the commandline interface. The alpha version of the VPN application with graphical interface is available at HideMyAss on request.

Do you prefer to use your own VPN application such as Viscosity or Tunnelblick?

Then you can download the OpenVPN configuration files. The OpenVPN configuration files from HideMyAss work directly with VPN applications for Windows. On Mac OSX (with for example Tunnelblick) there are some connection problems here and there. By downloading custom configuration files from HideMyAss you can work around this problem.

These custom files are not always up-to-date so that you do not have direct access to the most recently added VPN servers. Of course you can manually adjust all configuration files yourself, but it would be a lot nicer if HideMyAss would do this for its customers.

Support and helpdesk For help with installation, questions about HideMyAss and other VPN related issues HideMyAss has all kinds of possibilities, one more effective than the other. Account-related questions can best be sent by e-mail, while you can also contact the HideMyAss VPN forum for a general question. Although HideMyAss employees are active on the forum, you can count on a quick response from an employee when you send an e-mail. HideMyAss customers are mostly active on the forum. Of course the answers are usually correct, but to be sure you can always communicate directly with an employee.