What is a VPN?

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The term VPN might be a new thing for you. VPN stands for virtual private network. If you spend most of your time surfing the net, you may need this service. this service is specially designed for the people who love to spend most of the time on the internet. It is a shield to your network. If you download a lot of movies from the internet and pay your bills from the same device, you make your network more vulnerable to the hackers. The growing number of hacking and cyber crimes has made this service an essential tool for tech-savvy people like you. various companies offer VPN services and they use different technology for their service.

A General Guide To VPN Service:

It provides your network a special security, which helps to protect your network. Through special encryption mechanism, the engineers protect your network from the hackers. By using VPN service, your IP address becomes more secure and no unauthorized person can access it. Whenever you download a picture or a movie, your device leaves its IP address. After using VPN service, it will not leave any IP address, thus both your IP address and data is being protected by VPN service provider.

VPN technology And Protocols:

Various companies use different technology, but all of them are designed to serve the same purpose. VPN protocols can be broadly divided into few categories, like PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, SSL.

PPTP: PPTP stands for Point to Point Tunnel Protocol. This is the most secure protocol known in the VPN history. This technology was specially developed by Microsoft for high-end robots. This technology is not available for individual use. Few big companies use this technology to protect their server from the hackers.

IPSec: This is a widely used technology. This technology was developed by the internet engineer task force for better security purpose. this technology can protect your network properly from the hackers. It is more used by companies, who exchange their data a lot. This technology provides a secure tunnel for better data exchange.

L2TP: The L2TP term stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. By this name you can simply guess that this technology is capable of creating a secure data exchanging tunnel between two devices. This technology can be used for data exchange purpose. By using this you can protect your data from the hackers.

SSL: The term SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer technology. This is the most common VPN technology and it is available for individuals. You don’t need to download any software to use this technology from your browsing device. This technology provides a secure tunnel for your browsing device so that you can browse the internet without leaving your IP address everywhere.

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